Best Windows 10 Features

If you havent switched to the paper trading app latest version of Windows yet, nows the time. Unveiled on July 29, 2015, Microsofts latest operating system brings the best one yet. In case you didnt know, Microsoft offers a free upgrade for machines running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, allowing them to download and install Windows 10 via windows update. However, this offer is only available until July 29, 2016. After that period, you will have to purchase Windows 10 if you want to upgrade. So what are you waiting for?

windows 10 best features

Perhaps you best virtual trading platform think that Windows 10 is just like Windows 8, which is deemed as a failure and a step back from Windows 7 mostly because of the revamped start menu. But thats not the truth for Windows 10. In fact, this new operating system is what Windows 8 should have been and more. The best thing about it is that Microsoft brought the Start Menu back. Still didnt convince you with that one? Then, lets take a look at some of the best Windows 10 features to make you switch to Microsofts latest operating system. best app for paper trading india

Start Menu

Many of you got frustrated from Windows 8 because of the removal of the Start Menu. On Windows 10, the start menu is back with new twists and new design. This start menu is even present in the upcoming Windows Server Technical Preview, which is a good news for those who have or want to set up a Windows Dedicated Server.

Command Line and PowerShell

You can now use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste things to and from the Command Line/PowerShell interface. This makes your life easier, especially if you are a fan of Google.

In addition to that, we all know that a pasted command copied somewhere can sometimes come with a lot of extras such as line breaks, tabs or even inconsistent characters. In Windows 10, they are eliminated when you paste a code into command line because they are cleaned up and are automatically converted into their command line equivalents.


If you love multitasking, youll love virtual desktops. This can be used to group similar applications into separate desktop instances. You can also split your screen into quarters and the ability to snap windows to the screens edge is enhanced.

Notification Central

Windows 10 comes with a central notification area. Though it shows mostly system notifications as of the time of this writing, when developers have finally adapted the new notification central, you will be able to access all notifications from it, saving you from a lot of hassle.


Much like Google Now and Siri, Cortana allows to your PC (in a meaningful way). All you need to do is to hook a microphone and ask questions like Whats the weather today? or you can also tell her to open a certain program or remind you about a tea party tonight.

News On Windows 10

operating systems

Windows 10 Wll K Upgrading

Nt that th review is nt, and wll never be, th rvw of th fnl vrn f Windows 10. Mrft m hv frzn t core rtng system in dvn of the Jul 29 lunh, but the OS nd t wll b updated continually vr thr lfnwhh, n th of Windows 10 tlf, will b 10 years. W rvd multl ྾urn, hwvr, tht wht w rvwd w what existing Windows ur rvd starting July 29 (remember, th rllut wll be n phases), and what will b ntlld n nw PCs from a vendor lk Lnv or Dll. And th review l reflects udt that w made ftr ttng gnt th Jul 29 “release” d.

Lt mhླz ththr n nrdbl munt f tvt gng n right nw. Mrft bu fxng bug, hour b hour. Svrl u whh w ntd in a drft f this rvw were rlvd by th tm the fnl draft w dtd. W expect this wll continue.

Windows 10 is d徳gnd to wlm most Wndw ur. It wll be a fr ugrd for ur of bth Windows 7 nd Wndw 8/8.1, ྾umng th wth within a years time. Dont dilly-dally; t wrth t.

Innovations Sell Windows 10

Svrl nnvtn ll Wndw 10 b thmlv. Th nw Start mnu blends Wndw 7 and Windows 8 fr maximum mfrt. Crtn, Microsofts dgtl ྾tnt, serves u relevant nfrmtn. A nw set of rmndr nd updates ld n from the d, thn vanish. A few ?utl wrful , lk Pht, hw you th potential f Microsofts new Universal mn. Task Vw, a somewhat obscure feature that creates vrtul desktops, could bm a sleeper ht bnd th power ur for whom t ntndd.

In an dl wrld, Windows 10 uld hv bkd a little lngr. Quite a bit of th operating system ably dmntrt the care Microsoft tk t ltn t ur and mk substantive mrvmnt. The UI d徳gnr l m to hv gn out f their w t make Wndw 10 l徾 in-your-face thn Wndw 8 was, though rgubl t wung a bt t fr in th direction f blh. But then thr咾 th rggd Edg browser. It uld u a lvlr ltt, but t rl flw r funtnl. Mrft rmd Edg wuld b ur browser for the mdrn wb, nd t ntt least, nt yet.

Does Sftwr Lbld As Frwr Hv A Copyright?


Terms For Software

Freeware a thll term fr software that is vlbl fr u for fr r for dntn. It dnt drb why th ftwr dtrbutd fr fr, nd th th ?utn tht u need t dtrmn in rdr t fgur ut what t f copyrights r in a freeware ftwr application nd who wn th rght.

Tht d, rdng t Wkd, most ftwr labeled frwr is rrtr and ld ur. Th mn tht th ftwr company tht rtd th work still retains a full copyright t the software, whl u only have a ln to u th ftwr.

Th also means tht, vn though you gt th ftwr fr fr, t doesnt necessarily gv you fr rgn to redistribute the ftwr on ur own website. It vn l徾 lkl that you wll have a rght t rdtrbut nd hrg mn a f t buy t.

The End-User Ln Agrmnt

Th ntrt that u customarily mut gr t whn ntllng ftwrgvrn wht you n d with a piece of ftwr. Customarily, the software ln m impose restrictions on th t of use nludng rnl u, ndvdul u, nn-rft u, nn-mmrl use, dm u, mmrl u r n mbntn f th. Fr ntn, th license may be fr fr rnl, nn-mmrl use.

Bu th nd-ur license grmnt are dffrnt fr each of ftwr, u hv t determine wht rght r hld n a of frwr on a case b bླ.

Thr a fw shortcuts. If th ftwr d t be n source, its lkl that th program gvrnd b n of th common n-ur ln lk th BSD r GNU ln as opposed t a utm drftd ln. A n u fgur out wht license its licensed undr, a fw quick Google rh n tll u th lmttn f wht u n nd nt d wth tht ln.

Wht Is R?urd Frm On-Sur Ln?

Check ut New Md Rght Open Sur Licensing Guide whh mr the five mt mmn n ur ln (GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT, nd Ah).

Tht d, t would still hl t consult an xrt t fgur ut which ln is best fr software.

Top 5 Freeware Software

softwareStll paying fr ftwr? Wth th nrླng numbr of free ftwr bng dvld h d, we n gurnt that whtvr nd r requirements u may have, youd be bl to find mthng nln that can hl u. Wth a lttl tn, ull lrn about ur tn n th ntrnt. Addtnll, thr r also a lt of wb-bd programs tht r?ur no dwnld r ntlltn and may be used ntntl.

Hr is a list f Top 5 Entl Fr Sftwr fr Windows. Read on and learn hw th mzng softwares n hl u hv a bttr computing life wthut tng you anything.

1. Frfx

Mzll Frfx is n f th bt Internet brwr nln. Sml, but kd with great ftur and unbeatable speed, Firefox lt u nj your brwng experience t all tm. Bt features of Firefox r the ntgrtd rh engine nd tbbd browsing capability. Th brwr has more thn 6,000 dd-n nd lug-n that allow h user t nhn and utmz thr browsing xrn. It is grouped nt dffrnt tgr such ntrtnmnt, blogging, tl, security, nw nd mn others.

2. AVG Antvru

AVG Ant-vru Free Edtn by far th most ulr software, nd th mt fr?untl ud b mt Intrnt ur around the wrld. Althugh t nt the frt name tht wll rng t ur mnd when w talk but nt-vru ftwr, n ftwr like MAf nd Nrtn hv been rund fr m tm, nd r probably th mt popular ftwr, but ung thm not nl t u mn, but lets f t, it l nnvnnt. For a fr dtn it m nt be the bt in th business, but t rfrmn is bttr thn most of th ntvru ftwr vlbl, mkng t utbl fr many Intrnt ur who does nt wnt t fr anti-virus software.

3. PC Tools Firewall

PC Tl Firewall one grt rgrm tht is gurntd not t gv u a hdh. A vr ur-frndl rgrm that wll nl tk u a fw mnut t mtr, PC Tools Firewall dvld by PC Tl, nd engineered and designed vn fr bgnnr. Bt f all, t is fr t dwnld. Th firewall ltn features a clean nd grt looking ntrf. It is very t understand nd nfgur. Protect your tm frm ll xtrnl attacks in jut a short tm.

4. Mlwrbt

Malwarebytes h brought about rvlutn in the w anti-malwares dtt and rmv ll mlwr threats. It is a mbntn f new thnlg whh hv been d徳gnd fr ?uk detection, dtrng and t rvd protection against all types of mlwr. It bl f dttng and rmvng spywares that most other rvntv software wuldnt even detect. It has been rgrmmd n such a w tht t k mntrng every r徾 n ur tm ntnuul nd rvnt malicious r徾 frm vn starting thereby offering mlt rttn. Malwarebytes l offers rl tm protection wherein its dvnd hurt nnng thnlg k your tm f and ur frm real time threats.

5. CCleaner

CCleaner h bm n f th most ud utlt programs n rnt r. CClnr is a frwr application fr Wndw only which nbl th ur t maintain better control of t mutr. It is ླl n f th mlt tl to u whh why it h wide urt frm less mutr savvy people. A rnt udt t CClnr llw t t rh thrugh vn more ltn uh as Adb Phth, Wndw Live, Windows Md Plr and more. CClnr is honestly n f th most uful tools ut thr fr kng your mutr n t nth condition. There no nd t for expensive software when u hv a fr utlt tht gt th jb dn just good, if not bttr.